Quadruple System

We can increase parking spaces three or four times by using these models. These designs can accommodate all types of cars, whether sports cars, sedans or SUV.
These models are multi-usage models, they can be used in hospitals, airports, sporting clubs and general parking.

Model Features:

  1. The boom is equipped with a mechanical safety lock that automatically deals with each platform during lifting and lowering. In Case of any emergency or malfunction, the platform stops in its place. After making sure that there are no cars or any obstacles under the platform, manually release the lock and lower the platform to ensure complete safety in operation.
  2. The hydraulic circuit is equipped with an oil safety valve that stops the hydraulic arm in the case of emergency damage in the oil cycle for any reason, and decreases pressure drop below the standard operating pressure of the cycle, to immediately stop the platform in its place, as an additional safety measure.

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