Investing in smart parking

Investing in smart parking… More benefits than you see with the naked eye “It is not through financial profit alone that investment will be successful,” a saying mentioned by many economic theories, but it seems that smart positions and garages destroy them greatly, because they combine the advantages of profit and open prospects for the […]

Al Zohour Sporting Club

Zohour Sporting Club , Nasr City, Cairo. Type: two post car parking system, 100 units, 200 car parking spaces. Cost: 7.7 millions. Date: April 2021

Rotary Parking System

There is no need to a valet to operate, just enter a Personal identification number or FOB key scanning. The pallet will rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise according to the place of the car you want, the system automatically will determine in which direction it will move in to receive the car as quickly as […]