What is the rotary parking system?

ما هو النظام الذكي الدوار؟

What is the rotary parking system? With the continuation of urban density and the traffic congestion associated with this density, the need for parking spaces increases. There is an increasing need for smart garages to contribute to finding an atypical solution to the crisis, and this is what the project worked on to solve the […]

Technical move for parking

التحرك التقنى لركن السيارات

Technical move for parking Modern technologies are considered one of the most important technologies that are relied upon in our daily lives at the present time. There are many technical devices such as smart devices and tablets that have been applied in smart garages. The countries of the world are witnessing an image in the […]

Smart digital transformation of parking

التحول الرقمي الذكي لركن السيارات

Smart digital transformation of parking In light of the digital technological transformation in the garages, parking has become an automatic journey that is unique to the car, and it parks itself by itself, taking seconds, starting from entering one of the smart garage gates and until the car reaches the last trip to the outside […]