What is the rotary parking system?

ما هو النظام الذكي الدوار؟

What is the rotary parking system?

With the continuation of urban density and the traffic congestion associated with this density, the need for parking spaces increases. There is an increasing need for smart garages to contribute to finding an atypical solution to the crisis, and this is what the project worked on to solve the problem of vertical parking spaces, doubling the number of cars in the garage through the use of the vertical parking system.

The idea of ​​the smart garage with the rotary system shortens the large spaces for parking, as they are parked in the rotating system vertically in a small space designated for a number of cars. This idea reduces the problem of congestion and traffic congestion, especially in vital areas where parking is prohibited. In addition, the garage is built with a rotary system easily and at a lower cost.

The rotary garage is similar to amusement parks, but with different sizes and weights. It is an advanced garage that performs an automatic vertical movement in order to transport cars vertically.

The smart garage with the rotary system needs an area of ​​5 meters x 5 meters. One garage can accommodate 16 cars and can be closed down and works in a clockwise or reverse direction depending on where the car is parked. And the hourly value of the car waiting is determined by those in charge of the garage. One of the advantages of the rotary garage is that it can be dismantled, moved and installed in another place as needed.

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