Smart digital transformation of parking

التحول الرقمي الذكي لركن السيارات

Smart digital transformation of parking

In light of the digital technological transformation in the garages, parking has become an automatic journey that is unique to the car, and it parks itself by itself, taking seconds, starting from entering one of the smart garage gates and until the car reaches the last trip to the outside of the garage and without the intervention of the human factor. The car in this modern digital journey relies on the pre-programmable numerical control device and also relies on the mechanized cards in transporting, entering and exiting cars to and from the smart garage.

The digital transformation of parking helps to achieve record results for indicators of reliance on modern technology and to promote the idea of ​​smart parking. The technology of automatic parking allows the car to park itself without the need for the intervention of the car driver or the human factor to park and restore the car. In contrast to the traditional garages, which are monopolized by the responsible for the garage, after Egypt entered the era of smart garages and the smart digital transformation of parking
The profession of the garage official began to fade and was replaced by smart cards and smart transportation technology, which facilitates parking in a record time and with the utmost simplicity and flexibility.

The modern car parking system is a unique technical precedent, and the driver only has to choose the place designated for it, so the driver can perform the process of parking the car more quickly than in traditional parking systems. From here, the AI ​​arrived to park the cars in the smart rotary garage, using the pre-programmable plc controller to connect the car from the bottom to the top or vice versa, either clockwise or counterclockwise.
The intelligent automatic parking system allows for the convenience of moving the car and parking it without direct intervention from the driver, so the car is fully controlled automatically, for more accuracy, safety and stability.

Ramec Misr is developing the automated parking system and transforming it into a practical reality on the ground to enable cars to park automatically without any effort from car drivers. In order to complete the development and modernization and to meet customers’ needs, our company has created multiple versions and models of more advanced smart garages, each of which serves a different sector.

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