Technical move for parking

التحرك التقنى لركن السيارات

Technical move for parking

Modern technologies are considered one of the most important technologies that are relied upon in our daily lives at the present time. There are many technical devices such as smart devices and tablets that have been applied in smart garages. The countries of the world are witnessing an image in the technical aspects of information so that it has become a part of life and this is what happened in smart parking systems for cars, so we must appreciate this technology and work on its spread, dissemination and exploitation in our lives for progress and prosperity.

Smart garages are characterized by reducing the cost of construction for the development of large parking spaces. In view of the modern technological development in the entry of cars to the parking area and their recovery automatically without the need for a human factor, it does not consume electricity and thus reduces the cost of managing the smart parking system, saves time and effort, and doubles the element of safety and security.

The process of parking your car in the smart parking system is one of the simplest processes possible. Once you press the control panel button, the system automatically stops your car until you ask for it, so the system restores it automatically when requested, in a period that takes from 40 to 90 seconds at the most.

The mechanical smart parking systems are characterized by transporting and parking the cars in the available parking spaces by means of conveyor platforms, which helps to reduce the emissions of harmful fumes resulting from cars compared to parking the car in traditional garages, and that is why we call them environmentally friendly systems.

If you are looking for advanced smart garages to park a large number of cars in small spaces, and if you are interested in solving the problem of car parking in crowded residential areas, our company is the ideal choice to provide you with everything that meets your requests to the fullest.

Ramec Misr is working to achieve the highest levels of technology transfer and localization in the field of smart garage manufacturing by taking advantage of advanced digital manufacturing capabilities. Our company owns an integrated team of engineers specialized in design and development with a high level of professionalism to transform projects into a tangible reality that will bring you profit and benefit and reduce the problem of the lack of parking spaces in crowded places.

Ramec Misr has been able to advance Egypt in the era of smart garages.

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Ramec Misr manufactures technology

Ramec Misr manufactures technology Ramec Misr, is an Egyptian joint stock company specializing in the manufacture of smart parking lots in a way that suits