A new beginning in the modern smart garage

الجراجات الذكية

A new beginning in the modern smart garage

In light of the modern state, Ramec Misr Smart Garage Company came to confirm its keenness to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the Egyptian street, restore its discipline, save the country from overcrowding and lack of waiting places, and to ensure the protection of cars from accidents, scratches, and weather factors.

The modern smart garages project from Ramec Misr has been recorded in the record of the modern state’s achievements, as the initiative to open smart garages in Egypt is considered one of the most important achievements in reducing crowding and preserving the beauty of the streets.

Ramec Misr has provided all of its smart garage devices with the highest safety factors and accident control methods to protect parked cars from theft, scratches, and various weather factors that may affect the cars.

Modern smart garages achieve a tremendous increase in traffic flow and save time and effort in parking cars, as they are parked electronically without human intervention.

One of the priorities of the smart garages project is to improve the quality of life of residents and eliminate environmental pollution, whether this pollution is air, noise, or visual. It also works to increase traffic flow, especially at peak times.

The modern smart garages project represents a huge cultural shift in the world of smart garages and can be attached to national projects that contribute to solving the traffic problem effectively.

The modern smart garage systems from Ramec Misr aim to solve the existing traffic problem by preventing incorrect waiting and providing an effective alternative. They also aim to activate the mass transportation system due to the presence of smart garages in vital areas close to stations and private and public facilities in the country.

With regard to methods of securing smart garage systems and operating methods, Ramec Misr Smart Garage Company has been keen to ensure that the insurance process is carried out in accordance with the latest electronic systems used in this regard.

The company also performs a very accurate survey before implementing the project, during implementation, and also after the completion of construction to monitor any soil movements. A good study of the soil is done before starting construction work to ensure structural safety and to prevent any damage to the systems and to give the systems the advantage of longevity. Long term default.

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