A simplified explanation of the most important safety factors in smart garages

شرح مبسط لأهم عوامل الأمان

A simplified explanation of the most important safety factors in smart garages

Despite the constant concern on the part of car drivers about smart garages in general and their constant fear of cars being harmed or falling and slipping from the top of the garage or from car scratches, Ramek Egypt came to confirm that smart garages are equipped with the best international safety factors, so there is no need to worry about your car inside Ramec Egypt smart garages.

Smart garages from Ramec Egypt are equipped with multiple safety features, and the operating status is constantly monitored.

secured with three different security methods:

The first: is the mechanical safety lock to stop the platform in an emergency.

The second: It is the power cut-off to determine the height of the loading platform until it reaches a certain limit that it does not exceed.

The third: It is the photocell device, which is responsible for separating the electric current in the event that there is a car under the loading platform.

All safety means are operated in one safety method to achieve the highest safety levels for smart garage systems. The hydraulic cycle is equipped with an oil safety valve as an additional measure to increase safety rates.

In addition, Ramec Egypt always takes into account the painting works of all its smart garage systems to avoid rusting of the system units and to avoid weather factors affecting the structure such as wind, humidity, rain, and other factors.

As for the problem of power outages and customers’ fear of this problem, Ramec Egypt has solved this problem with a radical solution and confronted the idea of ​​power outages by using generators or using an automatic transfer switch, or downloading and dealing with the smart garage system manually.

During the manufacture of smart garage systems, Ramec Egypt managed to pre-test all samples of smart systems over and over again to ensure their efficiency before operation and before the delivery and construction phase.

Ramec Egypt has provided its smart garages with the highest safety factors to protect cars from accidents, thefts, scratches and weather factors, and also protects cars from slipping inside the smart garage.

Ramec Egypt is working hard to continuously develop modern safety systems that aim to avoid accidents and protect cars. Therefore, it has placed all its focus on research and technological development to improve the efficiency of smart garages and enhance the safety of cars inside the smart garage.

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