Artificial intelligence in parking cars inside the smart garage

الذكاء الاصطناعي في ركن السيارات

Artificial intelligence in parking cars inside the smart garage

Smart parking systems for cars would contribute enormously to solving the crisis of unavailability of parking spaces in the streets and many vital areas by doubling the capacity of available spaces up to 10 times.

The modern smart garages of Ramec Egypt are manufactured according to the mechanisms of digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and the vision of the modern state. The smart garage units were manufactured according to the latest international systems, and by taking advantage of the advanced manufacturing capabilities of manufacturing.

Ramec Egypt worked to localize modern technology and train human cadres in this industrial field specialized in the manufacture of modern smart garages, which came to serve market reserves and customer requirements.

The smart garage industry has made remarkable progress recently in light of the development of modern technology, and in contrast to what modern technology has brought about in the world of the automotive industry and the development of transportation, the need for garages to park these cars has increased, so Ramec Egypt came to achieve the equation.

Smart garage systems from Ramec Egypt are equipped with the best international safety factors and specifications, and they are equipped with protection systems and high and multiple safety means. All smart garage systems from Ramec Egypt have international standard safety specifications.

Smart car garage systems rely on units of high accuracy and quality to ensure the highest levels of security and safety, as modern technology has been used that allows the use of smart cards in the process of operating the smart garage.

Ramec Misr Company for smart garages came to the technology industry and provides possible solutions, saving time and effort, and implementing all smart garage units according to the highest levels of quality and speed in implementation and delivering them at the specified times.

Ramec Egypt puts all its expertise in the implementation of smart garages with the latest smart integrated devices to achieve the highest rates of manufacturing, transfer and localization of global technology in this specialized industrial field by taking advantage of advanced digital manufacturing capabilities under the supervision of the Arab Academy of Science and Technology.

Ramec Egypt relied on developing smart garage systems and assigning artificial intelligence to its industry in order to improve human life and provide more accurate services, as artificial intelligence leads to a new form of human civilization, which drives innovation.

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