Benefits of Quadruple model

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Benefits of the Quadruple model

The quadruple model is one of the smart garage models at Ramec Misr, and it was designed to increase the number of cars inside, as it can accommodate many times the number of cars, as it allows cars to be parked on multiple levels vertically.

The quadruple model can be used to lift cars inside and outside buildings. The quadruple model is designed to carry 4 cars, as it is a system designed to carry cars weighing up to 2 tons and accommodates all types of cars, whether they are sedans or SUVs.

Ramec Misr Company for smart garages worked on securing the four-wheel model, as it is a fully secured system, as it was secured against accidents and could not be exposed to any electric shock. Where the company secured it with more than one insurance method working simultaneously to increase the safety and security rate of the system.

The quadruple model is provided with an electric safety device to limit the height, a mechanical device to prevent the car from slipping, and a light device to disconnect electricity in case of emergency. The hydraulic circuit is equipped with an oil safety valve as an additional safety measure.

The quadruple model was designed to benefit from it and increase profit, as it can be used as a front for publicity and advertisement. One of the advantages of the quad model is that it needs only one worker to operate it, who is trained and qualified for that task.

The quadruple model is tested, where experiments are conducted more than once to ensure the safety of the system through engineers and technicians at a high level of efficiency, and it is supervised by a strong engineering team, which is the Arab Academy for Science and Technology.

The quadruple model is designed for long-term operation. The electric power required to operate the quad system is 220 volts alternating current.

Ramec Misr Company for Smart Garages establishes the system after making calculations for loads, earthquakes and winds for the place where the system is to be installed, according to the Egyptian code.

The quadruple model is equipped to be used in charging electric cars, as Ramec Misr has coordinated with companies specialized in charging electric cars to know their requirements and take them into account in manufacturing.

The quad model features more value for periodic maintenance and a warranty of up to 10 years for metal structures.
Ramec Misr Smart Garage Company insures all its systems. All smart systems have insurance coverage against civil liability through the National Insurance Company.

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