Best smart garages from Ramec Misr

الجراجات الذكية

Best smart garages from Ramec Misr guide those looking for it

Ramec Misr smart garages are a milestone in changing the features and shape of the area where the smart garage is located. Our garages are equipped with the latest safety and protection systems, in addition to the easy ability of the car driver to know the empty places in the garage and access them easily, which results in smooth traffic and accommodating all the cars that visit the garage always.

According to the data issued by the Egyptian Center for Special Research, which indicates a huge increase in the number of private cars in Egypt annually, it was necessary to create smart garages that accommodate this percentage, taking into account the absence of a crisis in the streets, which results in a large percentage from traditional garages or parking this The number of cars on the main streets and public roads.

Ramec Egypt is always keen to increase citizens’ confidence in all of Ramec Misr’s products, including modern smart garage systems, in addition to always seeking to achieve the maximum safety elements for all of the company’s offered products.

The weak absorptive capacity and high parking fees in traditional garages are behind the reluctance of car owners, the spread of congestion and overcrowding, and the spread of the phenomenon of second and third rows on main roads and streets. Hence, Ramec Egypt was keen to popularize the idea of ​​modern smart garage systems.

Establishing garages in Ramec Misr and working on spreading the idea contributes effectively to ending the crisis of overcrowding and overcrowding and is able to end the problem of traffic congestion in an inevitable and settled manner.

The smart garage project, presented by Ramec Egypt, works to provide direct data supported by the best recommendations and expectations about the available car parks, which allows to reduce travel time for motorists on the roads and contributes to achieving a good performance indicator for the transportation sector.

The smart garages of Ramek Misr are characterized by high quality, efficiency and ideality, as the company allows the implementation of all systems in the narrowest spaces and can be attached to the facilities. The garage is a safe system that can be used in residential and commercial facilities, given that the smart garage can be implemented on small areas, which leads to cost reduction, but with high and reliable quality and efficiency, and it is implemented according to the global system.

As for determining the cost, this stage does not take place until after determining the space on which the smart garage will be built, given that the cost is linked to the area of ​​the garage that will be built on that space.

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