Continuous development and modernization to meet customer needs

التطوير والتحديث المستمر لتلبية إحتياجات العملاء

Continuous development and modernization to meet customer needs

In light of the technological revolution that the world is witnessing, Ramec Egypt has worked to adopt feasible innovations and work on exploiting and employing the company’s capabilities by specialists at the highest level to study the modernization and development of intelligent waiting systems, after extensive study and conducting many tests of smart systems by company, This is always within the framework of developing smart waiting systems.

Cars have become smarter and more advanced, thanks to technological development and the introduction of modern technologies. Car products have developed during recent periods, electric cars and self-driving cars have spread, and we had to keep pace with this development. Ramec Egypt was able to take into account this development in manufacturing our smart garages with the aim of providing comfort and safety for all customers.

The smart garage system is characterized by an automatic mechanism for entering and retrieving cars with flexibility and high safety. Smart parking lots are characterized by intelligence and high accuracy in control and operation. Our systems are equipped with high safety devices to ensure the safe operation of cars and are characterized by ease of operation. The system characteristics can be adjusted and modified according to the demand.

In keeping with the development, those in charge of smart parking systems can add a mobile application service for motorists to able to know the available parking spaces. You can quickly search for the nearest available place for you to park your car through the application. You can find out the nearest smart parking and it is possible to reserve a place for your car and Set a reservation appointment in advance. The application also supports the electronic payment service.

Ramec Egypt stresses the need to maintain the highest rates of efficiency and increased readiness to develop smart garage units to suit customers. And we will remain at the highest levels of vigilance and readiness to implement any modernization and development in our smart garage systems, thanks to the fact that we have a highly skilled elite of engineers and technicians specialized in the smart garage industry.

As well as the continuation of Ramec Egypt for continuous development and modernization plans according to a well-studied scientific approach to achieve more launch, advancement and change for the better. The company always relies on developing advanced mechanisms to improve performance and adherence to strategic plans for development and modernization.

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