Convenient and simple operation and fully automatic control

التشغيل المريح و البسيط و التحكم الاوتوماتيكى الكامل

Convenient and simple operation and fully automatic control

The smart parking systems from Ramec Misr represent an excellent investment opportunity, as they work to make use of the limited small spaces and exploit them, whether this is in residential units, in corporate buildings or in the residential space in which you reside. There is no doubt that smart parking systems are a golden opportunity for workers in the field of smart garages because it is a reliable and effective way to double the cars in the same available space.
And each of the users of these multiple systems has to get acquainted with these systems and determine the most appropriate system from the point of view of use and from the point of view of cost.

Our systems are simple in management and are divided into automated systems that are fully automated and do not require human intervention in their operation and rely on smart cards. Examples of these automated systems are the puzzle system and the rotary system or the so-called waterwheel system. The hydraulic mechanical systems, which are cheaper and less expensive than the mechanized systems, including the dual, triple and quad systems, these systems require an operator to enter and exit cars. There must be conditions in the supervisor of the electromechanical system, the operator must be able to drive cars and be proficient in dealing with customers. And Ramec Misr gives the operator a certified course in operation, and he must obtain a certificate of operating validity to manage the system.

You can design the system in several ways to suit the design of your site. There are many different designs that give you the ability to accommodate more cars in the same available space. There are also many options available to you.

It is possible to evaluate the system in its usual form with the same metal structure, or you can add touches to the interface of the system and use it as advertising space by adding a screen to publish advertisements and provide a profitable return annually.

The smart garage system has many advantages, and one of the most important of these features is that the process of establishing it takes a few days, starting with preparing the site, passing through the placement of the basic garage components, and then the installation phase of the metal structure, all the way to finalizing, testing and operating the system.

Ramec Misr presents an important message in modern smart garages by hosting modern technological means and relying on environmentally friendly standards and fully automatic control as one of the components of the garage models.

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