Different uses of smart garage systems from Ramec Misr

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Different uses of smart garage systems from Ramec Misr

Due to the increase in the average number of car ownership in the country, where it is necessary to provide and create parking spaces suitable for the assumed number of cars without affecting the aesthetic appearance of the country in the absence of sufficient parking spaces, it was necessary to resort to alternative solutions such as modern smart garages.

Modern smart parking lots have been designed that differ between mechanical or hydraulic garages that enjoy smart technology that relies on smart cards that recognize the cars to be parked, and the garage parks the car in the appropriate place for parking, and the car is called automatically upon request.

Smart garages are used in different sectors, depending on the garage system used:

Smart garage puzzle system:

Its design is characterized by a structure that allows the use of all entrances and exits of the car park on the ground level, where the parking platform moves in two directions, and there is always at least one opening for the lighthouse. It can be used in various sectors such as educational institutions, medium and large residential buildings, resorts, hospitals, towers, and airports.

Smart garage dual system:

This model is used in all uses, as it is used in universities, and is very suitable for car repair workshops and car showrooms. It is suitable for personal use to store the car for long periods, especially in small spaces.

Smart garage triple and quadruple system:

It is designed after making calculations of loads, earthquakes and winds according to the Egyptian code. The hydraulic cycle is equipped with a safety valve for oil as an additional measure. It can be used to lift cars inside and outside buildings. It is suitable for car exhibitions as it accommodates all different types of cars, whether they are sedans or SUVs.

smart garage rotary model:

One of the advantages of this system is that it allows accommodating the most significant possible number of cars in the least available space, and the rotating model is equipped to receive cars as quickly as possible, and it can be used in clubs, vital areas, and main streets, and it is a completely safe and reliable system.

Smart garage dual model:

This system is equipped to accommodate low ceilings, which allows additional flexibility in making use of the available space and height. This model can be relied upon in auto repair shops and is also suitable for individual use to store cars for a long period. It can also be used in car showrooms and in companies, as the cost of construction characterizes it.

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