Establishing smart garages with a modern idea to reduce crowding

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Establishing smart garages with a modern idea to reduce crowding

Ramec Misr Company for smart garages is conducting a comprehensive study based on all the recent research necessary for the smart garage project, in order to provide all means of safety and security to establish these garages, starting from the nail to the largest piece in these systems to provide absolute safety and security.

Ramec Misr believes that the more Egypt relies on its industry on its own, it always makes it more developed and sufficiently aware of what it manufactures, and the experience increases to face any problems and rely on itself to solve any problem without seeking the help of external expertise.

Ramec Misr was able to face many of the fears that motorists succumbed to. First of all, parking their cars in modern mobile garages. Where they thought that the cars could slide over each other from the top of the garage, and therefore they were afraid for their cars of possible destruction. However, all these suspicions began to gradually fade and recede with Ramek Egypt. Car drivers began to search for modern smart garages, and they rushed to find places to park their cars, and indeed these systems achieved great success, unprecedented.

Ramec Misr Smart Garages Company was keen to increase citizens’ confidence in the company’s construction of all smart garage systems and to provide all safety elements for these smart systems; Where a contract was signed with the National Insurance Company on these modern systems produced by Ramek Egypt, and this contract stipulates the provision of insurance against civil liability for all smart systems.

Ramec Egypt aspires to increase the rate of using smart garages and generalize them in Egypt despite the high cost of establishing them abroad, but Ramec Egypt controlled this rise and manufacturing these systems locally was a major factor as this contributed to the establishment of modern garages at the lowest costs despite the quality The high quality of the raw materials used, which are comparable to the raw materials used abroad, at high prices.

The cost of the materials used in constructing the smart garage units is low in price, but it is characterized by its ease of transportation and movement from one place to another; As it is possible to reuse it in a different way according to the future vision of the place where it is planned to establish a mobile garage.

Ramec Egypt was able to achieve a lot of fame and the desired spread here in Egypt by circulating all its smart garage systems to solve the problem of parking cars that face the Egyptian streets and that motorists suffer from while searching for available places to park their cars, and this is in addition to saving time and wasted effort In the search for places to park cars and also secure them from accidents, damage and scratches.


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