Expanding the construction of smart garages from Ramec Misr

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Expanding the construction of smart garages from Ramec Misr

Ramec Misr always seeks to solve the traffic crisis, solve the congestion crisis on the main roads, and solve the problem of queuing in the streets resulting in the problem of the second and third rows of cars.

Ramec Misr Company for Smart Garages came to solve the parking lot crisis and its scarcity, and that was within the framework of the existing vision for new road expansions, which makes it tremendously feasible.

Ramec Misr was able to find a non-stereotypical solution to the crisis so that it could create parking spaces doubly so; This was quoted by Sada El-Balad website, in her conversation with Major General Essam Tantawy, General Manager of Ramec Egypt, in his talk about the vision of the concerned authorities to solve the existing problem, and this had a more than wonderful impact.

Major General Essam Tantawy confirmed in his interview with Sada El-Balad that the smart garages from Ramec Egypt are able to create parking spaces, double the number of horizontal queues, and help provide large spaces on both sides of the road, where they were used for random parking.

Ramec Misr’s smart garage systems help achieve several benefits, unlike traditional garages, as they can be dismantled and moved to another place, in addition to the ease of constructing or attaching them to residential and commercial facilities.

Ramec Misr started in cooperation with a company working on the multi-storey mobile garage project and exporting it to the United States of America to manufacture multi-storey mobile garages with modern technological systems to help expand the garages and provide double parking spaces and eliminate the accumulation of cars on both sides of the road.

Major General Ihab Al-Far, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ramec Egypt, confirmed that all the necessary research for the smart garage project was carried out in cooperation with a strong engineering consultant by the Arab Academy for Science and Technology to manufacture smart garages and provide all safety and security elements in a good way.

The smart garages project from Ramec Egypt, which was established based on the modern technological method, contributes to the increase in the rate of employment of Egyptian workers, as all the company’s engineers are Egyptians, and thus contributes to the elimination of unemployment, as the company is insured by relying on the Egyptian labour in its manufacture without the need to seek help from abroad.

The modern smart garages project has been implemented in one of the famous Cairo Sports Clubs in the Nasr City neighbourhood, and another model has been established behind the Maryland Park in the Heliopolis district, and there are several other models that have been implemented in Beni Suef Governorate and other systems, and currently the company is building a new model in the Korba area in Heliopolis.

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