Future plans to popularize the idea of ​​the smart garage

الخطط المستقبلية لتعميم فكرة الجراج الذكي

Future plans to popularize the idea of ​​the smart garage

The smart garage is a milestone in changing the features and shape of streets and roads. With the increase in the number of cars and the increase in the parking crisis in the main and side streets, we had to think outside the box and take decisive decisions and measures to reduce this randomness and traffic congestion. Ramec Egypt has taken serious steps to find advanced smart alternatives for car drivers to wait by circulating smart garages in the Egyptian streets.

Egypt is witnessing the largest development process in its history through the expansion of the new road network and smart transportation. The smart garage is one of the most important means of smart and environmentally friendly services. Ramec Egypt is a manufacturer of smart parking systems. We have the ability to deal with customers and the ability to carry out maintenance work in full and follow up with customers always. We have after-sales service. It is possible to dismantle and reinstall the garage to another place within the framework of a future vision for the owner of the garage.

Because smart waiting systems are a new idea for society and not widespread, there was some fear of using the systems, but with the spread of the idea and its circulation and work on it, we were able to spread and appear in many different places. And we dream of spreading smart parking systems throughout the republic and abroad due to the expansion of roads and the new road network.

Our smart garages depend on the idea of ​​a smart card system or a mechanized card. All you have to do is go to the smart garage and hand over and deposit your car in the garage, where the driver’s journey stops when you reach one of the electronic gates And through the smart card, the car makes its journey and settles in the smart garage until it exits with the permission of its driver when he requests it to exit in front of the same electronic gate through which the car was deposited.

Our smart parking systems give motorists the service of charging electric cars. Currently, Ramec Egypt has taken into account the need to go and coordinate with a company specialized in the field of charging modern electric cars, to know their demands to be taken into account in the manufacture of our systems to achieve greater benefit for electric car Drivers. Egypt is doing its best to satisfy customers and keep pace with the Egyptian market.

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