Information about the scissors model

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Information about the scissors model

The idea of ​​the smart garage came to take advantage of the vertical space instead of the horizontal space and to build it on a smaller floor area to park a more significant number of cars. Therefore, Ramec Egypt seeks to achieve several basic goals after popularizing the idea of ​​smart garages, represented in the expansion of main roads and vital streets and the elimination of congestion despite the low economic cost compared to traditional garages.

Ramec Egypt presented the scissors model as one of the smart garage systems, which is a fully automated method that does not require human intervention and depends on smart cards. The entire project is operated with a programmable controller.

The scissor system is an automatic hydraulic system that can be installed inside or outside buildings. It requires limited maintenance, which makes it lower in cost than other types of smart garages, although it has the advantage of high quality. The system can be adjusted in line with low or high ceilings.

Smart garages with a scissors system help double the number of cars by aligning vertically instead of horizontal alignment. It is characterized by the fact that it can be dismantled, moved and installed in another place according to customers’ desires. The design can be attached to the building design and be implemented in a short time, saving time and effort.

The design of the scissors model came to suit the four-wheel drive vehicles. The lifting capacity of this model is high, not less than 3 tons. It is also manufactured with the ability to be reused according to the future vision of the place on which the garage is built.

The scissor systems are characterized by high performance and the highest means of safety are achieved through an electrical safety device to determine the height, a mechanical means which is the lock to prevent the car from skidding, and light means to cut off the electricity in case of emergency. And they are all run in one security system.

Ramec Egypt succeeded in providing after-sales service and periodic maintenance and worked to achieve the highest safety elements for this system even after sale and use. The company provided insurance policies on the system in cooperation with the National Insurance Company, which includes providing insurance policies against civil liability for smart systems.

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Ramec Misr manufactures technology

Ramec Misr manufactures technology Ramec Misr, is an Egyptian joint stock company specializing in the manufacture of smart parking lots in a way that suits