Mechanical smart garages between the illusion of danger and the reality of safety

Today , the world is making great strides towards improving people’s lifestyle by developing everything that people use, One of those fields that has been developed and improved is “car parking systems“, it has become possible to rely on a mechanized system that depends on the computer, the Internet and sophisticated software to control, this system , the smart multi-story garages , that was necessary to rely on to face the increasing demands of car parking spaces with the lack of allocated areas. Despite the wide use of these systems and the increased reliance on them significantly, some people are still having some questions concerning the usage smart garages, Therefore, it was necessary to discuss the different risks that smart garage users may face and to ensure that none of these risks affect the user.

Question: The first concern of smart garage users is breakdowns. What will happen in case a sudden malfunction occurs?

Answer: Preventive maintenance for smart parking systems is carried out either by the operators or by the company, Ramec Misr, Preventive maintenance ensures that no sudden malfunctions occur in the systems, as the operation of the systems is reviewed during the maintenance procedure and all parts are checked.

Question: Is it possible that a car in the upper story to fall down under any condition?

Answer: No not possible as each pallet has a mechanical safety lock that works automatically and carries the pallets and prevents them from falling in case of any malfunction in the system, then the manual lock is released and the car is lowered manually.

Question: What happens in case of a sudden power outage or electric current fluctuation?

Answer: Ramec Misr recommends using an emergency generator to work in the event of a power outage ,anyway, mechanical safety locks work to keep the platforms in place, and then manually the car is retrieved. In the event of electric current fluctuation there are electrical protection elements within the control panels, (overloads) that prevent any effect of this fluctuation.

Question: What happens in the event of an error from the operators?

Answer: Ramek Egypt provides training courses for garage operators. certificates are issued to the operator . Unqualified persons are not allowed to operate these systems in order to ensure the highest levels of safety for the cars in the garages and their users.

Question: Do natural factors such as rain, wind and dust affect these systems?

Answer: The materials used are processed in manufacturing and high-quality paints are used to raise its resistance to weathering factors. Ramek Egypt guarantees the safety of the steel structure for up to 10 years. Also a protocol with the Arab Academy for Communications and Information Technology of the Arab Academy for Science and Technology has been signed to review systems and engineering designs and study the safety factor and the possibility of increasing it by making modifications or improvements to the systems. The protocol also stipulates the supervision of the implementation of the projects that the company is implementing to achieve the highest levels of performance and quality

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