Modern smart car parking

التحرك التقنى لركن السيارات

Modern smart car parking

Smart garage systems are standard digital tools that help motorists find a parking space. It is possible to reserve a parking space and provide it before reaching it through an application dedicated to searching for a parking place through it.

Modern smart technology is currently being used massively to enhance mobility while ensuring safety and security for car owners. The spread of smart garages and dispensing with traditional garages or parking cars in the main streets helps to improve the visual landscape in the area where the garage is located and to add wonderful architectural and cosmetic touches.

Ramec Misr has transferred international experience and technology to Egypt to be manufactured at the same modern global level in order to contribute to the development of Egypt and push it forward by providing modern smart garages and dispensing with traditional garages.

Ramec Misr is interested in the quality and efficiency of smart garage systems for cars, starting with the use of the best materials and raw materials, and using the latest international technologies in the field of smart garage systems, and adding security, flexibility in use, and quality in manufacturing.

Due to the increasing demand and the laws regulating construction in Egypt, Ramec Egypt has sought to provide a lot of different parking systems that are suitable for all places of different sizes, in line with the vision of the state and the localization of various industries that the state seeks to work on and achieve.

Ramec Egypt is distinguished by providing all solutions for smart garage systems in order to provide comfort, safety and effort. Ramec Egypt’s smart systems are characterized by efficiency and quality, and they provide control systems for entry and exit to and from the garage in order to provide protection and safety for car owners.

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