Modern smart garages from Ramec Misr to eliminate traffic congestion

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Modern smart garages from Ramec Misr to eliminate traffic congestion

It was necessary for joint cooperation between Ramec Misr and the state to solve the intractable crisis of the lack of available parking spaces, as well as to preserve them, unlike what happens in traditional garages.

Smart garages in Egypt are one of the most appropriate possible solutions to congestion, especially with the continuous increase in the number of cars by 16%, which may negatively affect the interests of the citizen and disrupt them. Ramec Misr Company came up with the idea of ​​distributing smart garages in the main streets and roads to serve the citizen.

Smart garages serve all sectors of the country and achieve sustainable development, as they have achieved all the required goals, starting from solving the intractable crisis of traffic congestion, to exploiting spaces and their complications, and the ease of obtaining parking without trouble.

Smart garages can be built in a very safe and civilized way, with negligible electricity consumption and giving an aesthetic character to the streets after eliminating the traffic crisis, congestion of the streets with cars, and the emergence of the phenomenon of second and third rows of cars.

The spread of smart garages in an available number, especially in crowded places, gives the streets a good civilized character and leads to the elimination of parking in the second and third rows and the expansion of the main streets and roads.

Smart garages from Ramec Misr accommodate twice the number of cars in traditional garages and are not affected by power outages. They also help increase the capacity of garages for cars by implementing the idea of ​​smart garages and their spread.

Smart garages contribute to increasing the parking capacity by between 60% and 70%, unlike traditional garages, and they can be built in the same space allocated for a traditional garage.

Smart garages from Ramec Misr Company guarantee the protection of cars, help achieve traffic flow, help save a lot of time and effort, and prevent searching for parking spaces for long periods. All smart units are implemented according to the highest levels of quality and with the latest integrated devices in accordance with standards. Fourth industrial revolution.

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