Extreme orientation multi-storey mechanical garages from car drivers

الجراجات الميكانيكية متعددة الطوابق

Extreme orientation multi-storey mechanical garages from car drivers

Ramec Misr implements multi-storey mechanical garages to meet the lack of parking spaces.The company takes into account the selection of sites that need these modern systems to meet the objectives and traffic requirements, achieve traffic fluidity, and get rid of the phenomenon of random waiting for cars in the streets.

Multi-storey mechanical garages help to achieve traffic flow, especially in areas that suffer from tight parking spaces and have a large number and high traffic density.

The multi-storey mechanical garage systems operate completely without relying on the human element, as they are managed automatically according to the latest electronic systems, safety and environmental safety.
It is worth noting that the process of entering and retrieving the car to the garage does not take several minutes.

By establishing multi-storey mechanical garages, Ramec Egypt aims to provide parking spaces, reduce random parking and waiting in the streets, and save time and effort for motorists to search for places to park their cars.

The multi-storey mechanical garage contributes to providing order and a civilized look for the area where the garage is built and eliminates the problems of congestion in the area due to the high demand for it, especially during peak times.

The multi-storey garage is one of the most important projects, as it provides many spaces in roads and streets, and helps to solve the overcrowding crisis, as it accommodates a large number of cars, unlike traditional garages, especially in the important and main streets.

With regard to the garage insurance system and the method of its operation, it is worth noting that Ramec Egypt manufactures its systems according to the latest electronic systems used in this regard.

Before starting the implementation of multi-storey mechanical garages, Ramec Egypt Company performs accurate surveying before starting the project in order to monitor any soil movements and post-construction follow-up. And it does a good study and soil
stabilization before starting any work to construct the multi-storey mechanical garage.

Ramec Misr constructs its multi-storey mechanical garage systems in an advanced engineering manner according to the Egyptian code, as the multi-storey garage project aims to establish more than one parking on the same space allocated to solve the problem of parking and car accumulation and to create traffic flow for the streets.

The multi-storey mechanical garage project is of great importance, especially in areas that do not include suitable places for parking cars, other than the advantages provided by the system in terms of protecting the car from damage, saving time and effort, and modern and advanced technologies that allow the driver to obtain the best way to park the car. At the lowest cost away from exploitation.

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