Park your car in a few minutes with Ramec Egypt smart garages

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Park your car in a few minutes with Ramec Egypt smart garages

The smart garage achieves an increase in traffic flow and eliminates the traffic density in vital areas full of activities, commercial and population centers, and also helps to achieve the restoration of the civilized and aesthetic face of the country, as smart garages are characterized by giving the streets a touch of sophistication and modern beauty.

The idea of ​​smart garages presented by Ramec Egypt is an important and decisive step that comes within the framework of the state’s approach to solve traffic congestion in the streets, especially with the provision of smart garages to accommodate cars to be parked and towed from the streets to widen the road, in addition to solving citizens’ problems with the crisis of waiting and parking spaces. In the streets where crowding and overcrowding.

Smart garages operate with a precise and global technological system that helps save time and effort without the intervention of the human element, so that the garage achieves the highest percentages of liquidity in traffic in the streets and main roads.

One of the advantages of the smart garage is the ability of the car owner to put his car in front of the garage only, and the garage adopts the rest of the steps to park the car safely, as it is parked electronically without the intervention of the human element and in record time, as the car entry time reaches the farthest point in the garage from 60 seconds to 90 seconds, which saves time and effort and prevents searching for places to wait for long periods.

Ramec Egypt Company for Smart Garages helped spread the culture of automated parking, which resulted in making the country enter the global code for establishing smart garages in the Civil Protection Law. As the garage has the latest global systems to operate it without human intervention and completely automatically.

The smart garage system is part of the artificial intelligence that senses the parking spaces designated for cars, and then determines the parking spaces for cars and parked them automatically, as well as the possibility of summoning them automatically as well when the owner requests them.

Ramec Egypt Company always takes the initiative and looks towards renewal and modernization and seeks to facilitate the citizen to park his car easily and easily and to provide complete and complete safety for the car and to save time and effort in all stages of parking the car and until reaching the last stage when calling it and it is also done with the same Ease and ease.

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