Precautionary measures to create smart garages

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Precautionary measures to create smart garages

In the event of the construction of modern smart garages to eliminate the traffic congestion crisis and the congestion of cars in the streets and main roads, it was necessary to implement all stages of precautionary measures before starting construction, so Ramec Egypt had only to pay attention to all procedures related to safety and security.

Ramec Misr Smart Garages Company supervised and followed up the implementation of the precautionary measures in all stages of establishing its smart garages of various models, from the beginning of construction and before construction and even after the establishment and installation of the smart garage and follow-up maintenance and insurance after construction and installation.

Ramec Egypt had to take into account all precautionary plans and continue to follow the precautionary measures and procedures necessary to establish its various models of smart garages and supervise the procedures followed after construction in order to provide all security and safety factors.

Ramec Egypt deals with all risks that may occur, confronting them, finding possible solutions and alternatives, minimizing potential damages, and solving them with radical solutions. Where smart garages depend on one worker who supervises them, which reduces accidents and human errors that may occur in the event of the presence of more than one worker.

Ramec Egypt, during its launch of the different models of smart garages, was concerned with preparing the land to be built on which the smart garage is to be built in order to know the extent of its carrying capacity for the establishment of the smart garage on it before starting the construction and installation of the smart garage and making loads and load calculations so that Ramec Egypt can determine how to deal with the land Which helps more to provide safety for the smart garage.

In its manufacture of smart garages, Ramec Egypt relied on a strong consultant, which is the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, which had a tremendous impact in manufacturing smart garages of all kinds according to the latest modern international standards.

Ramec Egypt has taken care of all the details of creating smart garages so that it has focused on the smallest details in manufacturing all types of its smart garages, and then never allowing the presence of any of the small lapses resulting from neglecting these details.

With the smart garages of Ramec Egypt, your car is completely safe in the largest and most recent car parking project, through the use of modern smart parking systems.

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