Preparations for the establishment of the smart garage

الأعمال التحضيرية لإنشاء الجراج الذكي

Preparations for the establishment of the smart garage

After the recent spread of the idea of ​​smart garages in a number of countries to reach Egypt. This idea allows the car to park in narrow spaces on top of each other. And the smart garage ensures the complete safety of the car against accidents, scratches and thefts. It is equipped with an iron structure made with a technical plot that has all the factors of safety and feasibility. In addition, it is qualified to resist the influence of weather factors. It is impossible for the system to rust due to moisture, salt, rain and other weather factors. The company takes into account the process of painting the system in order to avoid this problem.

When the actual planning of the project begins, there must be special conditions for the land on which the smart garage is built, and preparatory work must be carried out on ground sensors, and calculations of soil weight loads and the weights that this soil can carry. Sensors are one of the very important stages before starting the construction of the smart garage. A hole is made to be carried out by soil sensor machines in the site where the smart garage is to be built in order to obtain samples of the soil for study and to identify its nature and properties and know the extent of the soil’s bearing capacity to create the smart garage on it.

Ramec Egypt works on developing smart parking systems and seeks to spread the idea of ​​smart garages in all its forms throughout the country. Due to the multiplicity of systems and their different patterns, Ramec Egypt has started to cooperate with real estate developers to describe the places and spaces in which smart parking systems can be used to increase the capacity of more than one car in the mechanical system. Especially in residential units, so that the mechanical system is the ideal, most practical and suitable solution for residential areas. And the system is supported by the ability to reassemble and reinstall it and move it to another place according to the user’s desire without any damage to the system at all.

As for the engineering risks that customers fear, Ramec Egypt relied on a strong consultant, the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, to review all engineering systems. The company made sure of the complete safety factor for the systems and we started the work of a complete insurance system, starting from the installation and establishment of the system, all the way to providing an insurance policy on the product.

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