Solve the problem of daily car drivers finding parking spaces

حل مشكلة قائدى السيارة اليومية في إيجاد أماكن إنتظار السيارات

Solve the problem of daily car drivers finding parking spaces

The advanced smart garage is considered one of the best new experiences that have been applied in some vital and residential areas, and it has met with great success because the smart garage experiment has proven its success Also, due to the presence of complete and good safety for both the car and its driver, and the public’s demand for it, it will be applied by Ramec Egypt in other places and scattered throughout the Republic.

The idea of ​​establishing modern smart garages achieves traffic fluidity and saves time and effort for motorists to find parking spaces for cars away from traffic congestion and congestion. The smart garage prevents random parking that dominated the streets of Egypt due to the increase in the number of cars and traffic congestion resulting from this increase.

The smart garage is an advanced experience to solve the parking crisis, especially in crowded places, in addition to the problem of the worker who controls the traditional garage and exploits it for motorists and profits from this work. The smart garage project works on optimizing the use of small spaces in establishing smart parking systems.

All motorists want to have safe and risk-free places to park their cars, hence the idea of ​​searching for a modern smart garage to combat thefts and scratches and provide complete safety for cars against accidents. So what is the duty of the driver who is looking for a parking space until he comes to the smart garage and receives a card or bonus in exchange for the price of the parking, which contains the parking number of the car, and through it the car can reach a place that you park through in the smart garage.

The driver calls the car with the same card or bonus after paying the value of the parking cost, the value of which is determined by those in charge of the project.

Ramec Egypt supports traffic flow, especially after the state suffers in solving traffic crises in the governorates, which a traffic man alone cannot solve, and all concerned parties must join forces to work on solving them. But after Ramec Egypt spread the idea of ​​the smart garage, traffic problems will be solved soon and effectively.

Ramec Egypt provides all the strategies for good lighting inside the smart garage with the speed of implementation and perfection in constructing the smart garage to the fullest and we provide you with the maintenance you need at the hands of the most skilled technicians trained on such possible malfunctions that may occur in the smart garage where your problem reaches The company is working to solve it immediately.

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