Ramec Egypt garages to end congestion and help motorists park their cars

جراجات رامك مصر

Ramec Egypt garages to end congestion and help motorists park their cars

The idea of ​​​​constructing smart garages above the ground is one of the distinctive ideas that came out of the box and a good modern experience to save time and effort. The idea of ​​smart parking came to save the car driver from crowds, especially during peak times. Which makes driving a car very difficult.

Solving the traffic crisis on the main roads and eliminating traffic congestion requires two things: the first is organizing traditional street parking lots and popularizing smart parking lots based on modern technology. The second thing is to increase the size of garages for cars, which will only happen by applying and popularizing the idea of ​​smart garages.

Ramec Egypt aims, through the dissemination and spread of smart garages, to exploit car parking spaces by establishing garages in the same area and doubling their capacity. As the modern garage systems to be established can be dismantled and installed at any time and allow the possibility of modification to them and are suitable in large and small places to reduce congestion and are suitable for companies, government agencies and the private sector.

Ramec Egypt offers smart garages that are managed electronically to reduce congestion and traffic congestion, and the application of the idea of ​​smart garages qualifies the country to move towards globalization since Ramek Egypt applies the highest standards of quality and safety to reduce crowding and helps maintain the aesthetic appearance and discipline of the Egyptian street.

The initiative to open modern smart garages is a real achievement to save the country from overcrowding and the scarcity of parking spaces. It also ensures the protection of cars from scratches, accidents and weather factors. It reduces the phenomenon of waiting in the streets and the phenomenon of the second row that is widespread in the main streets and results in narrow roads.

The smart garage project from Ramec Egypt is a giant national development project that protects cars, achieves safety, and adds an aesthetic touch. It is tremendous work that pushes the country towards globalization, as it is one of the huge national projects in the recent period to complete the road map that aims at development and construction.

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