Ramec Misr Company defies risks

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Ramec Misr Company defies risks

Ramec Misr Company for Smart Garages, which specializes in manufacturing smart systems that conform to international standards, has changed citizens’ view of smart garages, controlled their fears, and made them valuable and effective, unlike traditional, useless and unsafe garages.

Ramec Misr has worked to eliminate the idea of ​​the driver’s fear of his car falling and slipping out of the smart garage, or his fear of car accidents or theft, or of friction and scratches, as happens in traditional garages.However, Ramec Misr has taken care of laying all the foundations of security and safety for all of its systems.

The smart garages of Ramec Misr have been manufactured with a modern and advanced technical plot capable of securing and protecting the car effectively, as full safety has been provided for cars within all smart garage systems provided by Ramec Misr in general.

Smart garages help to enter and retrieve the car easily, effortlessly, in a smooth manner, and more quickly, without waiting or without any risks.

To apply modern smart cards, apply the principles of smart cities, support artificial intelligence technologies, modern cloud computing, and modern systems for entering and retrieving cars. This had a strong impact on the effectiveness and security of the system.

The smart systems are equipped with an accurate and advanced system that helps the car to drive safely and organize its route inside the smart garage with a high level of security that guarantees high accuracy to reduce the risks of accidents and theft, which used to control the minds of citizens before the experience of the smart garage.

And with regard to weather factors such as wind, rain, and dust, which may affect the structures of smart garages.Ramec Misr Smart Garage Company has controlled these concerns and risks, as it processed the raw materials used in manufacturing and used high-quality paints to raise its resistance to weather factors to ensure the safety of the metal structure for up to 10 years.

Ramec Misr participates and contributes to the continuous development and provides integrated and smart solutions for all its smart waiting systems.It is tested, manufactured, supervised and maintained at the same international level of technology used by the company to provide the best possible solutions and reach the highest international quality standards.

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