Ramec Misr Company to ensure safe and stable operation

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Ramec Misr Company to ensure safe and stable operation

The modern smart garage system came to provide parking spaces within the designated parking spaces.It has been developed and its performance improved so that you can rely on it to improve your lifestyle.

The smart garage project is one of the national projects that will contribute to solving the traffic problem effectively in Egypt and the Middle East.The project aims to solve the traffic problem by preventing incorrect waiting by providing alternatives to the presence of smart garages in vital areas in order to improve the services provided to the citizen.

All smart garage systems at Ramec Misr are secured according to the latest electronic systems used globally.Ramec Misr Smart Garage Company is considered one of the leading companies in the field of establishing and operating smart garages.

The idea of ​​smart garages contributes to the development of the country’s internal resources, achieves traffic flow, reduces congestion, and solves and eliminates the problem of randomness in the main streets and roads.

The initiative to disseminate and operate smart garages, in turn, contributes to creating more serious job opportunities for young people.A full team of engineers and specialists with the highest level of experience is studying its security, safety, and the feasibility of implementing it in accordance with the instructions of the political leadership to settle the entire industry in Egypt.

Ramec Misr is working hard to provide all the necessary capabilities to sustain this modern technology in Egypt, as smart transmission technology has been used, which allows the use of smart cards in the process of operating all of its smart systems.

It is possible to implement special designs that are compatible and appropriate with each client, as well as in harmony with the surrounding environment, as smart garage units would effectively contribute to solving the crisis of the lack of parking spaces in vital areas by doubling the capacity of parking spaces.

All smart system units are characterized by their automatic use and are characterized by multiple intelligent safety devices to ensure safe and stable operation and to provide complete protection and security for cars.

Smart garages achieve a safe parking process and retrieval of cars on multiple levels smoothly and with a high level of safety. Cars are entered, parked and exited at high speed, which saves time and effort.

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