Ramec Misr continues to strive to develop and modernize all its smart garage systems

الجراجات الذكية

Ramec Misr continues to strive to develop and modernize all its smart garage systems

Modern smart garages from Ramec Misr are automatic garages that work automatically without human intervention and are equipped with the highest safety factors to protect cars from thefts, scratches and various weather factors.

Ramec Misr Company for Smart Garages introduced many smart systems, the main objective of which was to solve the traffic crisis by finding a place to park cars and eliminating random spaces in the main streets that result in traffic congestion.

Ramec Misr was able to structure and develop its smart systems with the aim of accelerating the process of entry and retrieval of cars to satisfy customers and attract car owners to use smart garages instead of parking in side streets that are prone to congestion and disruption of daily life, as well as to provide better service as well.

Ramec Misr entrusted the implementation of the systems, relying on a strong consultant, the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, which supervises and develops smart systems.

Ramec Misr Company for smart garages holds various international accreditation certificates and internationally recognized quality, as it offers different and varied products and styles, and provides services at the highest level of quality and recognized environmental safety.

Ramec Misr smart garages are among the distinguishing solutions in changing the features of the streets adjacent to the perimeter on which the smart garage is built.

As it accommodates the largest possible number of cars and provides parking spaces, which results in the closure of a large number of streets and leads to traffic congestion and disruption of citizens.

Smart garages can be used to create them in the narrowest spaces available to double the capacity, exploit the parking spaces, and double the number of cars in the same space. Smart garages are suitable for large spaces as well as for small spaces.

Ramec Misr has repeatedly tested its smart garages and conducted comprehensive studies for all smart garage systems in order to provide all means of safety and security to establish these modern systems based on all the recent research necessary for the smart garage project to provide absolute security and safety.

Ramec Misr Smart Garages Company launched through its endeavour to develop and update all its modern systems according to the latest international electronic systems used in this industrial field.

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