Ramec Misr contributes to the urban expansion of the modern country

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Ramec Misr contributes to the urban expansion of the modern country

The urban expansion in the construction processes and the expansion of the road network and modern transportation in the country are among the most important reasons that result in the introduction of modern smart garage systems, which are always working on developing and improving the general shape of the modern country and to reach the world.

Smart garage systems provide cars with a safe and fast parking service on multiple levels in order to increase the number of parking spaces.Therefore, the state can eliminate the wasted places in the streets inhabited by cars parked randomly.

Smart garages save time and effort for cars in the safe parking phase, and thus the car can be retrieved with the same level of security and safety without trouble, according to the latest electronic systems used in this regard.

Ramec Misr Smart Garage Company has provided all its modern systems with an automatic safety lock mechanism to increase the security of the systems, and all systems are equipped with the latest means of motion detection and lasers.

Ramec Misr was able to control and reduce emergency problems that may rarely occur in smart systems.All smart systems are equipped with the latest systems to stop operating in the event of any emergency incidents appearing on the system, dealing with them immediately and providing immediate solutions.

Ramec Misr for smart parking systems secures all systems with all the safety means stipulated.The systems are completely and completely secured so that no electric shock occurs, and the devices are controlled by an automatic program that protects cars from slipping or falling out of the garage.The system forces the car to walk inside the garage through a specific lane that the car cannot deviate from due to the existence of a compulsory path for the car to walk inside the system.

Ramec Misr Company for smart garages has produced parking systems that allow for modification according to the future vision of customers, at a relatively low cost and with high quality, which leads to safe parking to the greatest extent.

Ramec Misr Company for smart garages has been able to achieve the difficult equation of high performance in addition to providing the highest safety means to park the largest possible number of cars.In addition to parking cars in an easy and professional way that allows parking and retrieving the car easily and easily.

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