Ramec Misr helps customers choose the best solutions for smart garage

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Ramec Misr helps customers choose the best solutions for smart garage

Ramec Misr Smart Garage Company has designed a comprehensive and diverse set of smart garage systems to help car drivers find designated parking spaces.It was also able to enable car drivers to reserve a parking space for their cars and provide it before arriving there through an application dedicated to searching and finding a parking space through it.

Smart garage systems are standard digital tools that support the use of modern smart technology in a tremendous technical way to enhance mobility while ensuring the safety of cars and providing security for car owners. It also helps with flexibility in use and quality in manufacturing.

Smart parking contributes significantly to solving the crisis of unavailability of parking spaces in many vital areas, which would also double the capacity of available spaces 10-fold.The modern smart garages from Ramec Misr have smart technology, as smart cards are used to park the car in the appropriate place to wait, as well as when it is called after that.

Manufacturing smart garages in Egypt and disseminating them is an excellent step in order to exploit the available places, as these garages serve different places and contribute to solving the parking crisis, as well as helping to exploit lands in the absence of lands or parking spaces.

All smart garage systems rely on units of high accuracy and quality in order to ensure the highest levels of security and safety in implementing smart models of all kinds.

Modern smart garages are considered one of the national projects that were implemented during the last period, as smart garage systems came to save the country from overcrowding and lack of parking spaces while providing protection and safety for cars and eliminating traditional, unsafe garages for cars.

Ramec Misr Smart Garage Company helps customers choose ideal solutions through planning garages of all kinds, as the company constantly works to develop smart products in order to meet customer requirements and keep up with the latest technologies.

All smart garage systems have been implemented at the highest level of expertise in accordance with the instructions of the political leadership to localize the entire industry in Egypt.All smart garage units would contribute significantly to solving the crisis of the lack of parking spaces in many vital parking lots.

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