Ramec Misr helps you choose the right system


Ramec Misr helps you choose the right system

Ramec Misr seeks to meet the challenges by participating in building and popularizing smart garage systems. Our goal is to reduce congestion, improve the aesthetic view of the streets, and make it easier for motorists to quickly find a parking place.

Ramec Misr provides many unique and distinguished services to make it easier for customers to make a decision in the event of selection and selection between smart garage systems suitable for each customer.

When choosing smart garages, many important points must be taken into account, which is the space available for the smart garage, whether it is vertical or horizontal space, and the budget set for the place to build the garage on, Determine the technical specifications required for the smart garage, and determine the number of cars required to provide parking for them.

The construction cost of the smart garage came to suit all classes, as the prices of all smart garages at Ramec Misr are competitive and vary according to the available space.

Ramec Egypt provides digital parking solutions and provides seamless services. Therefore, the continuity of development is its main concern, and it is always working on an improvement to meet customer demands.

Ramec Misr Company adds the advantage of adjusting the size of smart garages according to the desire of customers and according to the space available to create the garage and the environmental conditions of the place, whether it is commercial or residential places.

Ramec Egypt is qualified to provide technical consultations due to its integrated team of experts, engineers and technicians specialized in the field of smart parking systems for cars.

The company provides and grants distinguished services for all available smart garage systems, in addition to maintenance and training on the use of these devices, in addition to providing after-sales services.

Smart garage systems are distinguished by not needing large spaces to set up the garage and the possibility of modification in the garage by adding more than one floor for cars to increase the capacity of cars in narrow spaces.

Ramec Egypt provides the best possible solutions that include optimal utilization of available spaces and access to the highest standards of international quality, as Ramek Egypt builds all smart garage systems and takes care of their maintenance and maintains high quality in performance.

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