Ramec Misr manufactures technology


Ramec Misr manufactures technology

Ramec Misr, is an Egyptian joint stock company specializing in the manufacture of smart parking lots in a way that suits the aspirations and future vision to solve the crisis of car congestion and lack of parking spaces. The smart garages provided by Ramec Egypt are a more valuable and effective alternative to traditional parking lots.

Ramec Misr manufactures all smart garage systems using the best Korean technology to ensure your comfort and safety and to provide the latest and safest technologies according to international standards.

The smart garages offered by Ramec Egypt represent a wonderful investment opportunity, as it allows you to take advantage of the limited spaces and exploit them, whether it is in your home or in residential buildings.

Smart garages from Ramec Egypt are a golden opportunity and a guaranteed way to double the profit in the same available space. Ramec Egypt always offers you smart solutions to exploit your spaces and double your profits.

Ramec Misr provides financial facilities to customers in instalments without interest, and all smart systems have insurance coverage against civil liability through the National Insurance Company.

The smart garage systems of Ramec Misr are characterized by lower costs and more value for periodic maintenance on the systems, while providing a ten-year guarantee for the metal structures of all smart garage systems.

Smart garage systems are equipped with high and multiple protection systems and safety devices, in addition to the relatively low cost of periodic maintenance. The systems are equipped with the best international safety factors and specifications, as the highest quality and safety standards are applied to ensure the safety of cars.

All systems are completely safe and reliable, as they are fully secured and equipped with all possible safety means, as they meet international standard safety specifications, and all systems are manufactured according to the latest international standards.

Ramec Misr Company offers you the ideal and effective solution to the problems of issuing building permits, as the new building law requires providing more parking spaces for cars in buildings.

Smart parking saves time and effort, other than that it is an investment opportunity with guaranteed returns that achieve the best use of spaces and double the number of cars for the same space, but it achieves safety for cars and uses the latest machines to achieve the highest quality specifications.

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