Ramec Misr services provided to customers


Ramec Misr services provided to customers

With the world’s trend towards improving the lifestyle, permanent and continuous development, and relying on modern and smart technology in all aspects of life, it was necessary to rely on a mechanized and modern system such as modern smart garages, whether mechanical or automatic.

Within the framework of the new expansions of the roads and the trend towards solving the problem of parking cars on both sides of the road, Ramec Egypt has introduced parking systems to find a non-stereotypical solution to the ongoing crisis, in search of creating more practical parking spaces by doubling the number of parking spaces while providing a large space on both sides of the road.

The smart garages offered by Ramec Egypt are the most valuable and effective alternative to solving the car crisis, the traffic congestion crisis, and the congestion that results from parking cars in the streets and main roads, and relying on traditional parking lots.

One of the advantages of Ramec Egypt is that it provided excellent after-sales services, but it reduced costs and increased value for maintenance and warranty, in addition to providing a guarantee of up to 10 years for metal structures.
Finally, insurance coverage against civil liability was offered through the National Insurance Company, as well as financial facilities for customers in cooperation with Banque Misr, with financing and installments in installments without profits.

Ramec Egypt has provided a free engineering consulting service, following up and facing all possible problems through a specialized team of the most skilled engineers and technicians trained at the highest level to face such risks and how to deal with them and solve them as soon as possible.

The role of Ramec Egypt is to provide a diverse and valuable group to enhance the right of each customer to choose smart waiting systems that suit the needs, ability and lifestyle of each customer.

Ramec Misr Company for smart garages has achieved many successes in the Egyptian market and has worked hard to provide marketing knowledge to customers.

Smart parking systems from Ramec Egypt allow the possibility of reusing them in a different way according to the future vision of the place where the garage is to be built.

Ramec Egypt offers mechanical and automatic car parking systems equipped with all security and safety factors, in addition to providing them with all integrated services at a cost price.

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