Ramec Misr sets off through the services provided

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Ramec Misr sets off through the services provided

Ramec Misr is a leading specialized company that provides technological services and modern technologies in the field of smart garages and leads a desirable journey to solve the obstacles of car congestion in the streets because of its infrastructure to solve the traffic congestion crisis.

Ramec Misr’s global technological development team provides full support regarding all requirements of leading technology to provide and popularize the idea of ​​smart garages thanks to its extensive experience in parking lots that depend on technology.

Ramec Misr harnesses modern technology to provide a pioneering parking management system, implement it on the ground, and take care of it from start to finish.

Ramec Misr is more than just a company for smart parking systems due to its constant work on spreading smart technology to help motorists find parking spaces faster, safe and comfortable.

Smart garages are the main technological solution that will be used and circulated in the Egyptian streets to solve the traffic congestion crisis and provide traffic liquidity in the Egyptian street.

Ramec Misr is working hard to improve the customer experience in smart garages, which is more important than ever, and that is why it worked to meet the needs of customers and improve our smart garage systems to provide safe parking.

The aim of popularizing the idea of ​​smart garages is to reduce traditional parking, eliminate the uncivilized appearance in the streets, reduce harmful car emissions, save time wasted in rolling around the streets in crowded areas to search for a place to park the car, and save the effort.

The idea of ​​smart garages helps motorists who want to find a place to park their cars to speed up the search process and quickly find a suitable and fast parking place, and helps those responsible for the smart garage to achieve and increase profit.

After the successful launch of the smart car parking initiative by Ramec Misr, the company is looking forward to generalizing permanent improvement, responding to changes requested by customers, and achieving permanent development in a targeted manner.

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