Ramec Misr smart garages to ensure the best use of spaces

جراجات رامك مصر الذكية

Ramec Misr smart garages to ensure the best use of spaces

Modern smart garages are a wonderful technological leap on Egyptian soil to confirm that there are alternative and unconventional solutions to solve the existing intractable crisis leading to traffic congestion and problems with parking cars on main roads.

The modern state has struggled for a long time to solve the problem of traffic congestion, the difficulty of finding parking spaces, and the emergence of the second row phenomenon, due to the lack of parking lots or garages sufficient to receive this increasing number of cars.

Smart garages from Ramec Misr are the best modern methods that are compatible with the country’s environment to solve the problem of lining up cars on the same space, but horizontally, without the need for large spaces.

Smart garages are 100% safe, as the best international safety levels are applied, especially in installation and construction, so that standard specifications are applied in accordance with the Egyptian code.

Ramec Misr Company seeks to provide sufficient capacity nationwide and find alternative and advanced solutions to solve the traffic crisis, in addition to creating new job opportunities for young people and helping to eliminate unemployment.

Ramec Misr Company for Modern Smart Garages used technology to solve all traffic problems resulting from the accumulation of cars in the streets and main roads, which resulted in huge losses due to parking in crowded places and fuel consumption in addition to emissions and environmental pollution.

The spread and popularization of the idea of ​​smart garages in the modern country played an important role in achieving the flow of traffic and facilitating the entry and exit of cars to and from the smart garage with ease, while maintaining no waste of time and effort.

Ramec Misr is listed as the best modern smart garage company to save the country from overcrowding and lack of waiting places, in addition to ensuring the protection of cars and reducing congestion, as well as taking into account the aesthetic appearance of the streets after the spread of smart garages.

Ramec Misr Company is working to improve customer satisfaction through the experience of parking cars inside smart garages, after cars were previously parked in places where they should not be parked.

Ramec Misr was credited with providing special spaces for parking cars to ensure the best use of spaces and to allow safe use.

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