Ramec Misr smart garages to meet customer needs

جراجات رامك مصر الذكية لتلبية احتياجات العملاء

Ramec Misr smart garages to meet customer needs

Modern smart garages are among the national projects, which urged rapid action to save the country from overcrowding, traffic congestion, and scarcity of parking spaces. Ramec Misr for modern smart garages came to find solutions and solve this problem, which has been exacerbating over the years.

The initiative to produce and manufacture smart garages in Egypt is a real achievement and a step towards globalization.Where Ramec Misr has solved the parking problem, but on a smaller area than the traditional parking lots.

This promising modern industry has been localized to save a lot of time and effort and provide many and varied job opportunities in the field of manufacturing, installation and maintenance.And thanks to the company’s ability to export, the company guarantees you a strong investment return.

Ramec Misr Company for Smart Garages guarantees its customers the highest levels of quality and the best guarantee with the lowest cost of operation and with extreme reliability and safety as it tests its systems under the supervision of the Arab Academy for Science and Technology.

The modern smart garages provided by Ramec Misr have become a witness to the first civilized shift in the field of smart garages, and they have been applied with the latest modern global technological methods to solve the intractable crisis.

The idea of ​​modern smart garages came to meet the challenges of urban expansion and create more parking spaces, but on less space than traditional parking lots.In addition to increasing the rates of security and safety for cars and maintaining them from accidents, thefts and scratches, unlike traditional garages.

Ramec Misr offers a variety of smart garage systems that suit all capabilities available to customers.
Smart garages from Ramec Misr are the optimal parking systems that can be applied to save time and effort, restore discipline in the Egyptian street, and confront and solve the existing traffic chaos.

Ramec Misr smart garages were made to be adaptable to the surrounding environment, taking advantage of any space to be compatible with it, as there are types that can be combined with the available buildings.

Ramec Misr Company for smart garages meets all customer requirements to the fullest.
All modern smart garage systems have been manufactured according to the latest electronic systems and environmental safety, taking into account the fulfillment of all security and safety conditions for the safety of cars parked inside the smart garage.

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