Ramec Misr smart garages to solve the difficult crisis

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Ramec Misr smart garages to solve the difficult crisis

Within the framework of the new expansions of roads and the vision of the modern state, Ramec Misr Company for modern smart garages managed, almost a year ago, to solve the crisis of scarcity of parking spaces, solve the traffic crisis, and eliminate the phenomenon of parking cars on both sides of the road, which made these expansions on its way to success and impact.

Ramec Misr went to find a good and non-stereotypical solution to the crisis of overcrowding and traffic congestion, to solve the queuing crisis in a meaningful way, and to create places for queuing in an inevitable and easy way when spaces are narrow and not enough, especially at peak times.

Ramec Misr Smart Garages Company has studied all types of its modern garages to achieve the maximum elements of safety and environmental safety during its manufacture over and over again and conducted all the necessary research with the help of a strong engineering consultant by the Arab Academy for Science and Technology.

Ramec Misr undertakes to solve traffic congestion crises through the modern smart garage systems that it produces, as the smart garage accommodates twice the number of cars, unlike traditional garages.

Smart garages are implemented and constructed according to the latest international systems, and advanced manufacturing capabilities are utilized, in addition to localizing modern technology and training local cadres to benefit from it in the specialized industrial field to serve the local market and achieve the highest rates of local manufacturing.

Smart garages from Ramec Misr guarantee the protection of cars from scratches, damage and destruction, unlike traditional garages. They also work to achieve traffic flow, which achieves an aesthetic and sophisticated image of streets, main and side roads.

Cars are parked in smart garages electronically without human intervention, which saves a lot of time and effort and prevents the search for parking spaces for long periods. It is one of the best and easiest ways to automatically control the movement of entry and exit of cars.

Close cooperation with the Arab Academy for Science and Technology had an important and influential role in manufacturing all the products of Ramec Egypt and implementing them according to the highest levels of quality and speed in implementation and delivering them to customers at the specified times and implementing them with the latest smart integrated devices, which guarantees high rates of safety and security for cars.

Ramec Misr’s modern garages work with advanced smart technologies to increase the capacity of cars to solve the crisis of random parking and severe traffic congestion, especially in high-density areas, to face the problem of parking, restore discipline in the Egyptian street, and solve this intractable crisis.

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