Ramec Misr Smart Parking

جراجات رامك مصر الذكية

Ramec Misr Smart Parking

The modern smart garages provided by Ramec Misr, which is specialized in the manufacture of smart garages, is a wonderful investment opportunity because of its ability to take advantage of limited spaces. It is also a guaranteed way to double the income in the same space.

Smart garages work to achieve traffic fluidity and regularity of movement and work to prevent traffic jams, especially during peak times, in addition to the wonderful civilized appearance of the streets and main roads.

Smart garages are one of the distinguished projects for the development of the country, where modern garages serve all sectors and can be built on limited spaces or attached to the available buildings.

The initiative of opening smart garages saves the country from traffic congestion, preserves the beauty of the streets, reduces crowding and lack of waiting places, and also works to protect cars from scratches or accidents.

The smart garage models that Ramec Misr supervised in manufacturing, implementing, and installing are suitable for use in clubs, hospitals, banks, public or private institutions, residential areas, car factories, and waiting stations, as it is easy to install and construct in a small area, as it works to exploit the limited spaces.

Smart garages are equipped at multiple levels above ground level, below ground level, or a combination of the two. In addition, it is equipped with high and multiple protection systems and means of safety.

Ramec Misr, specialized in the manufacture of modern smart garages, came to serve the needs of the market and the requirements of customers. It also allows the implementation of special designs, modification of existing models, and harmony with the surrounding environment.

Ramec Misr Company for the implementation of smart garages came to provide many job opportunities for young engineers and technicians, train and develop them, and provide them with modern skills and experience in the field of manufacturing smart garages according to the standards of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Smart garage systems from Ramec Egypt support the provision of price offers with the addition of free services and spare parts with the possibility of modifying the system if the owner of the smart garage wants to dismantle it and install it in another place and add some modifications to it with a relatively low cost of maintenance.

All modern smart garage systems have coverage against civil liability through the National Insurance Company for 10 years for metal structures.

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