Ramec Misr Specializes in Smart Parking

رامك مصر متخصصة في الجراجات

Ramec Misr Specializes in Smart Parking

Smart garages or parking are the magic and genius solution that guides car drivers to the nearest empty parking lot to park their cars easily and in record time through an application that communicates between car drivers and those in charge of the garage to reserve a place for the car remotely.

Ramec Misr provides the service of pre-indication of vacant parking spaces, which is an integrated system that directs motorists in an effective and direct manner to the vacant parking spaces, which helps to save time and effort in finding a place to park the car. And the provision of burning fuel resulting from driving car for long distances to search for a place to park cars contribute to reducing pollution and the emission of fumes polluting the environment.

The idea of ​​garages began to appear all over the world, and Ramec Misr Company was able to bring this idea and implement it in the Egyptian market to solve the crisis of car accumulation in the streets and to facilitate traffic.

The smart garage or smart parking systems produced by Ramec Egypt depend on units of high accuracy and quality to ensure the highest levels of security and safety. And the transmission technology that allows the use of smart cards in the operation process was used to provide all means of convenience to customers.

The consultants and scientists of Ramek Misr Company studied the project and implemented it on the ground with the help of a strong consultant, the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, in cooperation with the Engineering Authority.

Ramec Misr provides installation services and after-sales services. Ramec Misr is distinguished by providing the predictive maintenance feature for all available smart garage systems to achieve more safety for customers.

Ramec Misr’s smart garage systems meet the needs of many sectors of customers and motorists, providing a new and guaranteed digital experience.

The smart parking experience offered by Ramec Misr is a stress-free experience for both customers and drivers by smoothly directing drivers to smart parking lots.

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