Ramec Misr supports the idea of ​​going global


Ramec Misr supports the idea of ​​going global

Ramec Misr is working to spread and popularize the idea of ​​smart garages, which qualifies the trend towards globalization after applying the highest standards of quality and safety. This is to reduce traffic congestion and preserve the aesthetic appearance of the Egyptian street and its discipline, which is one of the most important goals that the Egyptian state seeks to achieve.

Parking lots are areas designated for parking, arranging, regulating and securing cars, especially in shopping centers, malls, clubs, large and small commercial establishments, residential centers and in the main streets.

Various smart garage systems are implemented at Ramec Egypt, according to the highest levels of quality and speed of implementation, and delivered to customers on time.

The implementation of smart garages constitutes a modern technological leap in the civilized projects that Egypt is witnessing, as smart garage systems are manufactured according to the latest modern electronic systems to achieve an aesthetic and advanced civilized image.

The initiative to spread smart garages in Egypt is a real and sure achievement, and the attempt to generalize and spread them saves the country from traffic congestion and lack of parking spaces, and ensures that drivers protect their cars from thefts and accidents.

It should be noted that smart car parking represents one of the most important and best human achievements, as it helped eliminate the chaos that resulted from congestion and traffic congestion that causes harm to others, disrupts their interests, causes delays in appointments, and results in obstructing the flow of traffic and increased accidents.

Ramec Misr puts all its expertise in the implementation of smart garages with the latest modern integrated devices in order to achieve the highest levels of quality in manufacturing and the transfer and localization of global technology in the field of manufacturing smart garages specialized by taking advantage of modern digital manufacturing capabilities.

The smart car parking system represents a modern and advanced technological revolution in traffic, as this system is characterized by high intelligence in performance, speed in operation and high accuracy in control.

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