Reliance on smart garages as part of the lifestyle

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Reliance on smart garages as part of the lifestyle

One of the most important main drivers for the spread and popularization of smart garages is the continuous expansion in urban areas due to the increase in services, work and culture. Smart cities are always looking for sustainable solutions to reduce pollution, eliminate congestion, and reduce wasted time searching for parking spaces.

Ramec Misr smart garages help reduce the effort and time that cars waste in rolling and turning to search for places to park these cars away from crowding and overcrowding, but provided that these cars are fully insured against accidents, thefts and scratches.

It is expected that after popularizing and spreading smart garages and relying on them instead of traditional garages, this strong investment will accelerate and enhance the mission of Ramek Egypt to create a global smart community with a decent appearance and eliminate the bad image resulting from traffic congestion.

Ramec Egypt is working on increasing focus on safety and security and controlling safety and security concerns while searching for parking spaces.

It is very necessary to work on the growth and spread of smart car parks due to the increasing growth in the smart car market, which is supported by constantly evolving technology.

Ramec Egypt’s smart garages support the increasingly rapid use of smart technology to connect cars and infrastructure, promote transportation without overcrowding or congestion, as well as enhance safety and security for both cars and their owners.

Ramec Egypt is helping to develop smart city guidelines for integrated urban development through smart garages to work on enabling parking cars.

The spread of Ramec Misr smart garages is part of the initiative designed to reduce harmful emissions and preserve the environment and make it a clean environment free of pollution by supporting knowledge, innovation, digitization and mobility.

All of Ramec Egypt’s products for smart garages are characterized by flexibility, professional experience, and knowledge, and are designed for long-term capabilities.It is expected that this technology, which Ramec Egypt relies on in the manufacture of its smart garages, will lead to the promotion and greater spread of smart parking lots in the coming years, and will not be dispensed with and considered as part of the natural lifestyle of citizens.

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