Securing all smart systems at Ramec Misr

الجراجات الذكية

Securing all smart systems at Ramec Misr

Ramec Misr was able to focus on all the factors of complete insurance for cars parked in its smart systems. The company worked to provide all safety and feasibility factors to protect cars from accidents, theft or scratches.

All smart garages are equipped with multiple safety means that ensure high accuracy in operation with the highest safety standards in accordance with the Egyptian code.

Ramec Misr Smart Garage Company has subjected all its smart systems to many testing processes over and over again to ensure that all the necessary safety factors are achieved for the systems and to provide a safer environment for cars parked inside Ramec Misr’s smart systems.

Ramec Misr Company follows the latest electronic systems used globally and necessary to park cars within smart systems and retrieve them with the same level of safety, security and feasibility.

Ramec Misr Smart Garage Company takes care to provide all its systems with an automatic safety locking mechanism, and all systems are equipped with the latest motion and laser detection methods in order to increase the security of smart systems.

All modern smart systems are equipped with the latest shutdown systems in order to deal and respond immediately in the event of any emergency incidents appearing on smart systems and to provide immediate solutions in case of emergency.

The company also secures all its smart systems with all the safety factors stipulated globally and is fully insured against accidents, scratches, or cars sliding from the top of the system through an automated program to protect cars parked inside the system.

All smart garage systems at Ramec Misr Company are designed in a distinguished, modern technical way to park cars automatically within the smart system, as well as to retrieve them at the same professional technical level.

Ramec Misr supports international technology in its manufacture of smart systems according to the highest levels of quality as completely as possible.

The company provides all maintenance work for smart systems under the supervision of an elite group of engineers and technicians who have been trained at the highest level and under the supervision of the Arab Academy for Science and Technology to achieve the highest rates of security and safety.

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