The security aspect after the establishment of the smart garage

الجانب الأمنى بعد إنشاء الجراج الذكى

The security aspect after the establishment of the smart garage

With regard to the security aspect, the use of this modern technology in the field of smart garages has a security dimension and constitutes a qualitative leap in the modern civilizational projects that Egypt has been witnessing in recent times, where the smart garage is managed automatically according to the latest electronic systems, environmental safety and security and does not require the human element. In its management, it is managed automatically by the PLC programmable control device or by mechanized cards to enter, transfer and retrieve cars with high flexibility, which leads to a high safety rate for the smart garage.

The smart garage is characterized by high accuracy and high intelligence in the control and operation process. It is also equipped with multiple safety devices to ensure complete protection of cars because it is equipped with high-quality safety devices to ensure permanent operation without malfunctions and provide the necessary protection for cars. As for the possibility of a power outage, this problem was controlled by connecting electricity from different and alternative sources, and it can be managed manually when the power is cut off.

With regard to garage security systems, it is worth noting that all of our modern smart garage systems are subject to many times of operation testing processes, which leads to a high safety rate. The smart rotary garage system relies on units of high accuracy and quality to ensure the highest levels of safety. Ramec Misr always undertakes the process of installing and maintaining these units to ensure the complete safety of the project.

The smart garage ensures the complete safety of the car, as it is not exposed to any kind of theft, shocks or scratches that the cars may be exposed to if they are parked on the road and also protects motorists from the exploitation of those responsible for the traditional garage.

Moreover, the company has fulfilled the various requirements of customers to the fullest and with the highest levels of quality and safety, and since we have excelled in this field, we are always committed to continuing to improve and shine the image of our company by working closely with customers and achieving all their requirements in a distinctive and decent manner. Ramec Misr puts all its expertise into implementing smart garages with the latest smart devices to achieve the highest levels of safety and disseminate modern global technology in this specialized field to benefit from the modern advanced digital capabilities.

Ramec Misr, as a leading company in the field of smart garage manufacturing, is characterized by its capabilities and high efficiency in the manufacture and design of modern smart garage systems of various styles that meet the demands and needs of customers to the fullest.

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