Single Post Double Stacker

Single Post-Double Stacker

The Single Post-Double Stacker model is a hydraulic system that lifts the car carrier to the specified design height, and then another car stands under it. The individual model is the ideal solution to the parking crisis, especially in small spaces, and the system helps to save time and effort in the process of parking the car.

The Single Post-Double Stacker garage depends on the idea of ​​an intelligent garage that can be dismantled, moved and installed anywhere according to the customer’s desire. And we can express this wonderful feature that the garage is the one that will go to the cars and not the other way around. The garage can be placed in car repair workshops, car showrooms, institutions, conference halls, clubs and in front of real estate. It is suitable for the use of institutions and individuals in small spaces and for storing cars for long periods.

The smart garage is characterized by the Single Post-Double Stacker system in that it is possible to take advantage of the least available space as it is built on the least available space, so it is characterized by low construction cost.

The Single Post-Double Stacker model is suitable for all types of cars, whether it is a sedan or an SUV. The model is capable of carrying cars weighing up to 2000 kg.

One of the advantages of the Single Post-Double Stacker system is that it protects your car from scratches, thefts and accidents, as well as protecting the car from slipping, as it is fully insured against accidents. It also contributes to protecting the structure of your car from weather factors, sun, dust and rain, with strong and complete protection.

Ramec Egypt is an Egyptian joint stock company specialized in the manufacture of smart car parks that contribute to encouraging the effective use of car parks.

It manufactures the system according to the latest international standards with Korean technology, free installation, free engineering consultations and excellent after-sales services.

All products of Ramec Egypt enjoy high quality, which makes our company, which is characterized by its advanced and global technical and technological capabilities, capable of manufacturing all models of smart garages with high technology and able to meet the needs of the Egyptian market. This is because the company enjoys the confidence of customers.

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Ramec Misr manufactures technology

Ramec Misr manufactures technology Ramec Misr, is an Egyptian joint stock company specializing in the manufacture of smart parking lots in a way that suits