Smart garage systems to eliminate deterioration and randomness

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Smart garage systems to eliminate deterioration and randomness

The Modern Smart Garage Initiative is one of the important projects that Egypt is moving at a rapid pace towards the technological progress that the world is witnessing, and it is also considered one of the important reasons that results in achieving a positive change in traffic flow in the modern country.

Smart garages from Ramec Misr also contribute to achieving a modern integrated transportation system and restoring the civilized face of the country away from environmental pollution resulting from traffic congestion resulting from increased traffic flow in the main streets and roads, especially at peak times.

Smart garages also help achieve the required traffic flow, reduce trip time and costs, and also help improve the customer experience in general and facilitate services for users by relying on smart means.

Ramec Misr Company, by popularizing the idea of ​​smart garages, provides high-quality smart services to combat the state of deterioration, randomness, and environmental pollution through smart, environmentally friendly systems that operate in an automated manner.

Ramec Misr Smart Garages are an advanced experience for parking cars. Smart systems are designed to reduce the space and size required for parking cars, especially in densely populated places with few spaces, in order to eliminate wasted spaces as much as possible.

The idea of ​​creating automated parking systems came to solve the crisis of the need for parking spaces and the scarcity of available spaces. It is also a computerized system that is pre-programmed without human intervention, which enables the car to enter and exit the smart system automatically.

Smart garage systems are a major breakthrough in the modern country because they are widely used to serve large categories of users through their ability and high efficiency to park cars easily and effortlessly in accordance with the latest global electronic systems and with the highest safety factors and methods of preserving cars from accidents.

Ramec Misr Smart Garage Company is concerned with the necessity of spreading smart systems on a large scale to accommodate the country’s residents, to ensure the best use of spaces and allow the safe use of smart systems. And finding smart, economical and advanced solutions to solve the problem of parking and eliminating the need for vast spaces to establish smart garages to accommodate this amount of cars.

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