Smart garage systems using transmission technology

أنظمة جراجات ذكية بالاستعانة بتكنولوجيا نقل الحركة في ظل الرؤية الحالية لحل أزمة ندرة أماكن الانتظار و حل أزمة المرور بصفة عامة بما فيها حل أزمة الاصطفاف الناتج عن الازدحام و ركن السيارات في الصف الثاني و الثالث مما يؤثر علي التوسعات الجديدة للطرق و عدم جدواها بشكل كبير؛ كان من الضروري الاتجاه إلى جراجات السيارات الذكية و الاعتماد عليها.

Smart garage systems using transmission technology

In light of the current vision to solve the crisis of scarcity of parking spaces and solve the traffic crisis in general, including solving the queuing crisis resulting from congestion and parking in the second and third rows.Which greatly affects the new road expansions and their ineffectiveness. It was necessary to turn to smart car garages and rely on them.

Ramec Misr Company had a modern vision and an unusual solution to the crisis, so that it could create spaces for cars to park in a larger and multiplied way, as there were not enough spaces for parking cars through smart parking systems.

Smart garage systems from Ramec Misr are flexible in use unlike traditional garages.The systems provide many benefits and features, as they can be moved and moved to another place according to the future vision, with the possibility of making modifications to the systems as well.

Smart garage systems rely on modern technological systems that expand roads and result in double the availability of parking spaces for cars without affecting the sides of the roads or the traffic to which cars are exposed.

All safety and security methods are studied to create all the smart systems available to Ramec Misr Company, starting from the smallest part to the largest piece in the smart systems for absolute assurance of security, relying on an engineering consultant consulted by the Arab Academy for Science and Technology.

Ramec Misr Company is working to exploit and employ the company’s capabilities and adopt feasible innovations to transfer and localize modern technology in line with the state’s plan for sustainable development and work at the highest level of expertise in accordance with the instructions of the political leadership to localize the entire industry in Egypt.

Special designs can be implemented according to what suits each client and in harmony with the surrounding environment. They are smart systems suitable for use in clubs, hospitals, banks, public and private institutions, residential areas and vital areas.

Smart garage systems contribute significantly to solving the crisis of the lack of parking spaces in many vital areas, as the capacity of available spaces can be doubled to 10 times the specified number.

In manufacturing all smart systems,Ramec Misr takes into consideration international accuracy and quality to ensure the highest levels of security and safety and to meet the needs of customers and the Egyptian market through the use of transmission technology that allows the use of smart cards in the process of operating the systems.

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