Smart garage technology to fulfill customer desires

الجراجات الذكية

Smart garage technology to fulfill customer desires

The smart garage project represents a recent inauguration in the record of achievements of the modern state to save the country from overcrowding, traffic congestion and lack of parking spaces.The smart garage accommodates twice the number of cars in traditional garages and can be built on an area starting from 49 meters.

Smart garage systems from Ramec Misr operate with a smart transmission technology system and operate with smart cards. All smart garage systems can be dismantled, transported and installed in another place according to the future vision of the customers.

Smart garage systems are made with special designs so that modifications can be made to them to suit and adapt to the surrounding environment.The smart system can be created by attaching it to existing residential facilities, or it can be created alone on the same available space.

Ramec Misr Company works to satisfy customers and provide their needs for various smart garage systems. However, all systems are distinguished by their high technology, as they are among the most important modern achievements in investing in available spaces and eliminating the problem of incorrect waiting for cars on the main streets.

Ramec Misr Company always works hard to meet various customer requirements to the fullest extent and with the highest levels of quality to exploit spaces in a civilized manner supported by global technology.

Ramec Misr Smart Garage Company provides assistance to customers on a regular and permanent basis at any time and provides technical support to solve all urgent problems and achieve positive and effective interaction between the company and its customers.

The continuous development of modern smart garages is one of the most important goals that Ramec Misr seeks to achieve.It also seeks to meet the needs of the Egyptian market by equipping a specialized team of engineers and technicians trained at the highest level of competence and experience.

The idea of ​​establishing modern smart garages with different models and styles to suit the needs of customers and meet the emergency uses of parking lots as a result of the exacerbation of the problem of searching for parking spaces in light of the existing congestion and traffic congestion.

Ramec Misr Company was keen to meet customers’ needs and desires on an ongoing basis and work to reduce the problem of searching for parking places. The company worked to provide the best services to its customers by improving the services provided to customers.

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