Smart garages are a quick solution to traffic congestion

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Smart garages are a quick solution to traffic congestion

Ramec Misr works in the field of producing and manufacturing smart garages and offers different and varied smart garage products and styles. It participates in providing services at the highest level of quality, safety and security, as the company holds various internationally recognized accreditation and quality certificates.

The smart garages, which are manufactured and produced by Ramec Egypt, are equipped with the highest safety factors in order to protect cars from scratches, damage and weather factors, and eliminate random spaces in the area where the smart garage is located.

One of the main reasons for congestion and traffic paralysis is the distance taken by the car, as the distance that takes 5 minutes by car can take an hour or more, especially at peak times, which makes driving by car very difficult. Therefore, it was necessary to resort to generalizing the idea of ​​smart garages to reduce congestion and overcrowding resulting from the small number of waiting places, in addition to the increasing number of private cars.

Smart garages solve the problem of waiting and eliminate congestion in the streets, as smart garages are considered one of the best practical and modern solutions to the congestion crisis and provide parking spaces for cars.

Ramec Egypt came up with the establishment of smart garages, as they can accommodate the largest possible number of cars, but in limited spaces to accommodate twice the number of cars and provide parking spaces that cause the closure of a large number of streets and lead to traffic congestion and disruption of citizens.

The smart garages of Ramec Egypt help to double the capacity and utilize the parking spaces. In addition, modern garage systems can be dismantled and installed at any time, and are suitable for both large and small places, and can be installed in crowded places to reduce congestion.

Smart garages can be established and implemented in the narrowest spaces, and they can be attached to residential and commercial facilities to serve the citizens, as this system is used in most countries of the world, as it accommodates twice the number of traditional garages and on an area less than the space used in traditional garages.

Ramec Egypt offers smart garages, especially for places and areas crowded with traffic, to solve this daily recurring crisis and create larger spaces that accommodate a larger number of cars for parking without the intervention of the human factor.

Ramec Misr Smart Garage Company maintains the need for permanent developments for all smart garage systems and constant interest in the necessity of conducting an internal structure in the systems controlling the operating mechanisms in order to speed up the entry and retrieval of cars and secure them so that the systems operate in light of environmental safety.

Ramec Misr Company for smart garages aims to expand the streets, regulate traffic, create many parking spaces, and solve the traffic congestion crisis.

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